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OAEC Social Media Policy

OAEC is comprised of 30 member systems, 28 in Oklahoma and two Arkansas systems with a substantial portion of their membership residing in Oklahoma.

The purpose of Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperative's (OAEC) social media pages is to help connect the community of Oklahoma's electric cooperative members with each other in ways related to OAEC's mission of powering the needs of new generations.

Our social media pages strive to represent the same values and practices that OAEC has stood for since it began in 1942: ensuring safe, affordable electricity for all of Oklahoma's rural electric cooperatives.

We welcome and encourage your comments. To keep the discussion in the cooperative spirit, here are a few rules. We reserve the right to remove any post we feel does not support the values described in this policy. The following types of comments will not be allowed:

• Any post we feel is inappropriate, rude, offensive, or that contains vulgar language or personal attacks of any kind;
• Any comment related to local Oklahoma electric co-op governance or issues (such as electric bills, personnel, or local board elections) – those are better addressed directly with the specific local co-op;
• Unsolicited advertising and comments that include advertising links to other sites; advocating illegal activity; promoting particular services, products, political or advocacy organizations, or that infringe on copyrights or trademarks.

Those who repeatedly post content we deem inappropriate will be blocked from commenting on this page.

Please don't post information about local electric outages - those should be directed to your local electric co-op for timely response.

OAEC WILL NOT publish or promote political ads nor will OAEC endorse candidates running for public office. OAEC reserves the right to delete any and all posts made by OAEC social media followers that endorse and/or promote political candidates.

Likes, follows and interactions are not endorsements. OAEC is neither responsible for the content nor endorses any site which has a link to or from this page.

Please do not post any personal information. You risk your own security and privacy. OAEC cannot guarantee that private information shared on social media pages will be protected.

We want you to find our OAEC social media pages to be a fun and engaging interactive experience!

Communications Contacts

Sid Sperry
Director of Public Relations, Communications and Research
Anna Politano

Hayley Leatherwood
Multimedia Specialist
Macey Turley
Advertising Manager