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New Digital Legislative Guide Available in the App and Google Play Store

Take a moment to interact with our digital legislative guide featuring the 56th Legislative Session.  OAEC believes in keeping a strong connection to the Capitol, and providing this free service to all - from the Governor's desk to the gradeschool.  The app provides the following engaging highlights:
  • Detailed profiles
  • Interactive contact links
  • Comprehensive list of state and federal elected officials
  • Rich map features with personalizable pinpoints
To find the App, search "OAEC 56th" in your App store. For any questions, contact Stacy Howeth, OAEC Legislative Liaison, directly at showeth@oaec.coop. OAEC strives to ensure accuracy of the information presented.  Our staff will be providing updates as the session nears. If you find any information needing to be changed, please click here to request an update. 

Legislative Contacts

Jim Reese
Director of Legislative and Regulatory Affairs
Chris Meyers
General Manager/CEO