RESAP Onsite Observation Training

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Onsite Observation Team Training will be a way to enhance our ability at OAEC to conduct a more efficient review of cooperative’s safety culture. All employees from all departments are welcome to participate in this training. By adding department specific employees to the team, the Onsite Observation Team will accomplish a more knowledgeable approach to the Rural Electric Safety Achievement Program (RESAP).

This training will benefit employees in leadership development, networking opportunities, understanding of other cooperatives, and most of all, help create a culture of safety amongst employees. In this training, employees will learn about how the RESAP process works and why cooperatives participate in the program.

Parking onsite: Cimarron Electric Cooperative

Visitors may park in front parking lot and enter at the main entrance.

Onsite Observation Team Training

  • Understand and educate on the Rural Electric Safety Achievement Program (RESAP)
  • Help create a culture of safety
  • Networking opportunity
  • Leadership development
  • A look and understanding of how other cooperatives operate
  • Help build relationships between cooperatives
  • All employees welcome
  • RESAP Onsite visits will take place throughout the year and will last 1-3 days depending on the size of the cooperative
  • A 2-night stay maybe required
  • Traveling required
  • PPE Required
    • Hard hat
    • Safety glasses

Hotel: Ask for: Cimarron Electric Cooperative Room Block rate $114.00. Please call hotel for room asap, as they sell out on Monday nights.