OAEC Engineer’s Conference/NESC Seminar

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This seminar offers a comprehensive coverage of the recently released 2023 NESC code for electric utilities.  It will provide insights into understanding the Code that are taught nowhere else and is for individuals new to the Code, as well as those who have experience with the Code.  It will provide the attendee with a good grasp of where and how to find the rules they will need.  Not only will the NESC be reviewed from cover to cover, but the seminar will also point out the significant changes that have been made since the last 2017 NESC.  The instructor will also provide a background to the Code, where Oklahoma law is on the NESC, how OSHA interfaces with the NESC, some arc flash information in both the NESC and OSHA, and a walkthrough of an example legal case involving the NESC.

BIO on Instructor: Mickey Gunter

Mickey is a graduate of Georgia Institute of Technology and retired Georgia Power Company engineer with over 40 years of distribution construction and engineering design, standards and training experience. With more than 20 years direct involvement with the NESC ANSI C-2 Committee, including active participation in 1997, 2002, 2007, 2012, 2017 and 2023 revisions, Mickey has become an industry expert on NESC rules and interpretations.  He serves on numerous NESC Technical Sub-committees (SC 4 & SC 7, in particular) responsible for writing NESC rules, and actively serves on the NESC Interpretations Committee, as well.

Mickey has assisted UTS, since 2011, developing and delivering NESC Workshops and Update Seminars.


Registration Fees: The first 50 people who sign up will receive discounted rate $575.00 per person compliments of OAEC Engineer’s Association. After that the cost is 775.00 per person.