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Director Trainings and Meetings

Directors of electric cooperatives are elected by the co-op membership and have important decision-making responsibilities of cooperative business, as well as providing long-term goals and strategies for the cooperative.

OAEC’s goal is to provide training and collaborative opportunities for electric co-op directors to gather information, participate in training courses created specifically for electric cooperative leaders and attend networking events with colleagues to help them make the best, most informed decisions for their respective cooperatives. Below are some of the trainings and meetings offered:

Current Trainings and Meetings:

  • New Cooperative Director Training
  • NRECA Director CCD Courses
  • OAEC Directors Association Conference

Electric co-op directors can also earn credit for training courses at regional and national conferences.


NRECA Director Certificate Programs

NRECA’s Director Certificate Programs are specifically designed to help electric cooperative directors, at every stage of their service, understand their roles and responsibilities, stay up-to-date on the key issues and trends in the industry and prepare them to meet the challenges facing electric cooperatives now and in the future. NRECA offers director education courses throughout the year in conjunction with a variety of NRECA educational conferences and events across the country, in partnership with statewide associations and onsite at individual cooperatives.

NRECA Certifications for Directors:

  • Credentialed Cooperative Director (CCD)

The first part of NRECA’s three-part Director Education Program, the Credentialed Cooperative Director (CCD) program consists of five courses that focus on basic governance knowledge and the essential skills required of cooperative directors. The CCD prepares directors to fulfill their fiduciary duty as elected officials serving on behalf of their membership. Upon completion of all five CCD courses, directors are awarded the Credentialed Cooperative Director Certificate by NRECA. Once the CCD is completed, participants can then pursue the Board Leadership Certificate.

The CCD is earned by attending all five (5) required courses and successfully completing a learning assessment for each.
Upon completion of your CCD certificate, you will be recognized at the Regional Meetings. 


  • Board Leadership Certificate (BLC)

The second part of the director education program, the Board Leadership Program (BLC), consists of a series of courses focusing in greater depth on specific industry and governance issues. These include issues such as risk management, power supply, parliamentary procedure, technology and policy development. A director can earn the BLC if they have 1) completed the CCD 2) Earned 10 credits from a choice of over 20 BLC courses. Directors may attend BLC courses at any time but the BLC will not be awarded until the CCD program requirements are completed.

Directors are free to enroll in any of the courses available in the BLC series. We suggest that all directors complete five specific BLC courses—indicated with a single asterisk (*) in the list below—as part of the 10 credits needed to earn the BLC. These courses cover five subject areas important for every director: the purpose and value of the cooperative business model, bylaws, policy development, ethics, and political engagement. This recommendation does not imply a mandatory requirement and all directors remain free to choose from any of the available BLC courses to satisfy the 10 credits required for the BLC.

Click here to view course list and descriptions.


  • Director Gold Credential

Director Gold credential has been created to recognize directors committed to continuing their education beyond the CCD and BLC and who desire a tangible credential that demonstrates their ongoing commitment to advancing their knowledge and performing their fiduciary duty to the best of their ability.

PLEASE NOTE: Director Gold does not replace or change any of the existing Director Education credentials earned by directors, including the Credentialed Cooperative Director (CCD) or Board Leadership Certificate (BLC). With Director Gold, directors now have another option for education beyond the CCD and BLC to work toward and add to their list of professional accomplishments.

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