Scholarship Opportunties

You get even more perks as a Youth Tour delegate! Scholarships are available to you, as well!


The Glennn English National Cooperative Leadership Foundation Scholarship (The “Youth Tour Alumni Scholarship”)


This scholarship encourages educational advancement by awarding high education scholarships to eligible students.

  • One (1) $10,000 scholarship awarded annually
  • Four (4) $1,000 scholarships awarded annually

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Other scholarships

Engineers of the Future Scholarships

For any student (do NOT have to be Youth Tour alumni) pursuing careers in rural engineering fields

  • Two (2) $2,000 scholarships

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Oklahoma scholarships

YLC Scholarships (For current Youth Tour delegates)

  • $1,000 – YLC Representative Winner
  • $750 – YLC 1st Alternate
  • $500 – YLC 2nd Alternate

Go to the YLC Page for more information!