Energy Camp

**Energy Camp will return Summer 2022!!**

2021 Energy Camp

Energy Camp is a yearly weeklong summer camp designed to help cooperative youth develop leadership and team building skills and learn about one of rural America’s most important accomplishments—rural electrification. Campers experience electricity in a new light! Each year, more than 80 students participate in Energy Camp.

A word from Energy Camp Director


History and Statistics

What began as a quest to fill a void in programs offered by Oklahoma’s Electric Cooperatives to young people within their service territories culminated in the creation of the YouthPower Energy Camp.

In 1988, Kenny Scruggs, Rural Electric Cooperative’s Director of Member Services & Marketing, along with Don Crabbe and Patti Glover of the Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives, ventured to Thedford, Nebraska to evaluate a camp created by the Nebraska Rural Electric Association for juniors in high school.  This camp concept was modified and adapted for eighth graders.

Beginning in 1989, electric cooperatives from across the state began conducting various selection methods to qualify students for the camp.  Essay contests, speech contests and academic placement were all factors in determining which students would be eligible to attend Energy Camp.

There are three principles that Energy Camp is founded upon: 

1: Cooperation

2: Teamwork

3: Development of Leadership Skills. 

Safety education is also encouraged and taught at the camp.

Since the first camp was conducted in 1989, more than 850 young people have participated.  Many have gone on to participate in NRECA’s Rural Electric Youth Tour, a program designed for students who have completed their junior year in high school.  Several former Energy Campers have graduated With Honors from various Oklahoma colleges and universities.

Oklahoma’s electric cooperatives are proud supporters of this camp and are committed to the principles outlined above.

How to become a camper

Camp is sponsored by local Oklahoma electric cooperatives making it FREE for students to participate!

  • Local electric cooperatives select students to participate in camp through various competition strategies (essays, video, speech … etc.)
  • The camp is open to incoming/outgoing 8th graders from across Oklahoma
  • Make sure to find your local electric cooperative and reach out about how you can apply and win a trip to camp!

Students will have the opportunity to:

  • Hear from amazing leadership motivational speakers
  • Participate in various team building group activities
  • Learn the science behind electricity
  • BE A LINEWORKER for the day! Students will have a chance to ride in a bucket truck, climb a pole, watch a live electric safety demo … and more!


Meet your 2022 Energy Camp Directors, Counselors & Nurse

Each year, co-op employees from across the state volunteer to be a counselor for Energy Camp. Campers will develop beneficial bonds with each counselor and get first-hand experience on what it is like to work for an electric co-op!

Camp counselors and nurse will be featured soon!

As well as counselors, parents can be rest assured that their child’s safety is top priority at camp. We staff a camp nurse available 24/7.


Prepare for Energy Camp


So … you won a trip to camp this year!? Congratulations!! Now … let’s help you get ready with these handy tips:

Camp is held the Tuesday through Friday after Memorial Day each year. Late May/Early June weather is unpredictable. We have to be ready for anything from hot, sunny afternoons to cloudy, rainy mornings. We will be outside for the majority of camp so pack lightweight clothing!


  • T-shirts/tank tops
  • Shorts
  • Tennis shoes
  • Pajamas
  • Socks/underwear (Always bring more than you think because there is a chance your clothes could get wet/dirty)
  • Swimsuit (there will be an onsite pool!)
  • Ball camp/visor
  • Flip flops/sandals
  • Rain jacket

Other Packing Necessities

  • Toiletries
  • Books or magazines to read on airplane
  • Headphones/earbuds if you plan to listen to music during “free time” or bedtime
  • Camera
  • Phone chargers

Leave at home

  • Super short shorts
  • Torn off/frayed cut-offs
  • Any offensive clothing


The Campgrounds

Energy camp is in a beautiful canyon with newly remodeled facilities. On the first day of camp, students will be put into groups designated to a certain cabin where they will sleep/shower/get ready … counselors will be assigned to each cabin, as well.


   Cellphone Signal – THERE ISN’T ANY

Yes … unfortunately the campgrounds has no cellphone signal. BUT, the Camp Directors, counselors, camp staff will have access to Wifi. Signal is also available on top of the canyon by a big cross where we allow students to hike (with a counselor) up to the cross and use their phones during designated free time. If there is ever an ABSOLUTE need for a camper to get ahold of a parent/guardian, we will have one of the counselors drive the camper up the hill and make calls.


Camp Meals

Every meal is provided by the camp staff (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks). Water will be always readily available to campers. Campers will enjoy a pizza party during camp, as well! We accommodate food/drink allergies, as needed. Please be sure to let us know in the medical release form before camp.