Powering the lives of those we serve

Posted: February 1, 2023 at 7:47 am

Did you know that your electric cooperative is one of 27 distribution electric cooperatives in the state? These electric co-ops are also served by three generation and transmission cooperatives.

In total, Oklahoma electric co-ops maintain more than 122,000 miles of power lines. That is enough to wrap around the earth four times or reach halfway to the moon. We serve 93% of Oklahoma’s landmass and power the lives of more than 523,000 Oklahomans plus 125,000 consumers in Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico and Texas.

Your co-op helps members use energy wisely through energy efficiency programs, rebates and incentives so members can spend their hard-earned money on other aspects of life.

Oklahoma electric cooperatives have kept the lights on 99.99% of the time despite ice storms, tornadoes, wildfires or other extreme weather events.  The average Oklahoma co-op member experiences one outage per year lasting approximately two hours.

Electric co-ops contribute more than $68 million annually in state taxes with more than $48 million going to local schools.

Oklahoma’s electric co-ops—including your own electric co-op—remain steadfast in our mission of providing safe, reliable and affordable power.

Don Proctor

Board President | Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives