Veterans power your community

Posted: November 3, 2022 at 2:40 pm

Oklahomans have a long history of military service. Our state is home to about 290,000 veterans, and a significant portion have roots in rural Oklahoma. In fact, more than 40% of veterans hail from rural communities nationwide.

It is our privilege to honor those who have served. We can recognize the veterans in our lives through many ways — volunteering our time, assembling care packages and making donations are just a few examples. Another way your co-op recognizes those who have served is by connecting job-seeking veterans to electric co-op career opportunities.

Many co-ops face a heightened challenge of attracting and retaining a new workforce due to retirement waves and changing technologies. Oklahoma’s electric co-ops are continuously aware of anticipated new positions based on known retirements, new headcount and other turnover. Your local co-op leadership considers the core competencies, attributes and skills that are needed now and in the future.

Veterans have many transferable skills including technical, leadership and safety expertise. Their military experiences add value for the electric cooperative workforce.

The military’s values also align well with the Seven Cooperative Principles. Both prioritize a respect for procedure, a concern for community and a strong organizational commitment.

From the front lines to the power lines, when a veteran joins forces with a co-op, it is a win-win venture for all. Join me in celebrating your local co-op for providing veterans, service members and military spouses with the opportunity to continue their mission of serving Oklahoma’s suburban and rural communities.


By Chris Meyers

General Manager | Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives