How can we help co-ops’ peak hours?

Posted: September 1, 2022 at 7:06 am

There have been many peak days called for this past summer. Have you thought about how peak days affect you? In simple terms, “peak” is the maximum amount of electricity used during a day. It usually occurs in the afternoon or early evening when people’s demand for electricity is at its highest.

On a few days each year, usually occurring on hot days, more electricity energy is used than generation and transmission electric cooperatives can generate and buy power from outside sources. This power usually comes at a higher cost during this timeframe. Co-ops must also build the electrical system to meet the highest level of electrical demand for any single day.

There are ways you can help. You can use less energy, use energy off peak hours and watch how much water you use. Keep in mind, it takes a lot of energy to heat hot water for showers, clothes washers and dishwashers.

You can help control the wholesale power costs by helping to control the demand for electricity on the system, and if the wholesale costs are lower, that lower cost flows down to you. No matter the type of service you have, whether that is commercial, irrigation or residential, you can make a difference by making changes to curb your usage during peak hours. Together we can conserve and save.


Don Proctor

Board President | Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives