Energize Credit Union recognized nationally for assisting the Oklahoma Energy Trails Foundation

Posted: April 7, 2021 at 8:36 am


Left to right: Lending Specialist Kaeley Shenenberger, Credit Union Manager Lisa Dailey and Marketing Specialist Desiree Masterson accept the Dora Maxwell award from the Credit Union National Association.


Energize Credit Union received the distinguished Dora Maxwell Social Responsibility Community Service Award from the Credit Union National Association for the work performed on behalf of the Oklahoma Energy Trails Foundation, a 501(c)3 established by Oklahoma’s electric cooperatives to support international electrification.

The national honor recognizes extraordinary acts of community outreach with lasting impact. Energize Credit Union staff members collectively contribute 100 hours annually to the Energy Trails program by hosting the Energy Trails operational deposit accounts, supporting fundraisers, and assembling care packages for linemen teams. In addition, credit union staff prepares Energy Trails financials, assists in ongoing documentation needs of the 501(c)3, and provides support for an endowment fund the Foundation established with the Oklahoma City Community Foundation.

“It’s a distinct honor to assist the Energy Trails program in the worthy cause of bringing lights to those who never had it,” said Lisa Dailey, Energize Credit Union manager. “We are humbled to receive this recognition and grateful for the opportunity to support electric cooperatives in this life-changing mission.”

Cooperative leadership appreciates the assistance and expertise of the Energize Credit Union staff on behalf the Foundation.

“We are grateful to the Energize Credit Union for their unwavering support of the Oklahoma Energy Trails Foundation since its inception in 2016,” said Jimmy Taylor, Northfork Electric Cooperative board president and OAEC International Committee chairman. “The work our linemen volunteers continue to do in remote villages will impact generations to come. It’s a gift that will never go away.”

To this date, the Oklahoma Energy Trails Foundation has facilitated nearly 600 first-time connections to electricity to homes and businesses in Bolivia and Guatemala. Twenty member-systems from Oklahoma’s electric cooperatives have sent 35 linemen volunteers to embark in these life-altering missions.



About Energize Credit Union: Energize Credit Union is a cooperative, not-for-profit financial institution owned by and operated for the benefit of all members. Energize Credit Union was chartered in 1967 to fill specific financial needs of electric and telephone cooperative employees. Fifty years later the Energize Credit Union is still meeting those needs of providing a secure and above average dividend source for deposits, as well as low loan rates to help meet our members’ objectives in life. Learn more at https://www.energize.coop

About Energy Trails: The Oklahoma Energy Trails Foundation is a 501(d)3 established by Oklahoma’s electric cooperatives to support the international electrification cause under the direction of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA)’s philanthropic arm, NRECA International. Learn more at https://oaec.coop/co-op-difference/energy-trails/



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