Oklahoma Living receives national awards

Posted: October 5, 2020 at 1:25 pm


Oklahoma Living magazine was recently recognized with 10 national awards from the Cooperative Communicators Association and 1 award from the Statewide Editors Association by the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association. Help us congratulate the staff and freelancers! See their winning entries below.


News Story

Honorable Mention, Plenty of Juice, by Mary Logan Wolf

December 2019 https://www.okl.coop/sections/powerful-living/plenty-of-juice/


Investigative Feature

Second Place, Super Juiced, by Mary Logan Wolf

October 2019 https://www.okl.coop/sections/powerful-living/super-juiced/


Third Place, Super Pig, Super Problems, by Mary Logan Wolf

April 2019 https://www.okl.coop/sections/oklahoma-stories/super-pig-super-problems/


Technical Writing 

Second Place, Saved from the Internet Abyss, by Mary Logan Wolf

March 2019 https://www.okl.coop/sections/powerful-living/saved-from-the-internet-abyss/


Honorable Mention, How green is your electricity? by Mary Logan Wolf

February 2019 https://www.okl.coop/sections/powerful-living/how-green-is-your-electricity/


Personality Profile Featurette 

First Place, A Diamond in the Rough, by Hayley Leatherwood

May 2019 https://www.okl.coop/sections/oklahoma-stories/a-diamond-in-the-rough/


Long Form Feature 

Honorable Mention, Trailblazers, by Hayley Leatherwood

November 2019 https://www.okl.coop/sections/oklahoma-stories/trailblazers/


Entertaining Writing Featurette

First Place, Two Years Later in Chiis, Guatemala, by Anna Politano

January 2020 https://www.okl.coop/sections/powerful-living/two-years-later/


Documentary Video 

First Place, Sillab, Guatemala – Oklahoma Lineman, by Daniel Afcha

October 2019 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52xFw68F34A&t=112s


Photography Photo Illustration

First Place, Lineman Gear, by James Pratt

May 2019 https://www.qgdigitalpublishing.com/publication/?m=58410&i=583835&p=12


Statewide Editors Association (NRECA)


Best Personality Feature

Award of Merit, For the Love of the Land, by Adam Calaway

April 2020 https://www.okl.coop/sections/oklahoma-stories/for-the-love-of-the-land/